Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I'm hitting a bit of a knitting wall, and here's why: I'm currently trying to finish up my Forest Canopy Shawl by May 11th for Mother's Day. There's just onnnnnnne problem--it's taking FOREVER! Does anyone else run into this rut? I feel like everyone else whips out lace shawls like it's nobody's business. I find it very discouraging that with every other row, my project just grows larger and larger. Now, none of this would matter if my mom were into smallish neck scarves, but unfortunately, I managed to track down one of the shawls that is much more her style. The verdict? Very drapey & dramatic and of course.... large. I tried out my hand at this style with jovial results. heh.
Sorry mom, I borrowed your glasses too...

After my silly photoshoot (and after being asked about my peculiar lipstick) I took an actual account of how much larger that shawl is than forest canopy. Yeah. It's quite a bit larger...

I currently have 13.5 pattern lace repeats done and I'm guestimating around 17 or so to make this bad boy large enough. I definitely understand that blocking will do wonders, but making sure I don't run out of yarn will be my biggest concern. Wait scratch that, attempting to finish this shawl during finals week is my biggest concern. Anyway, updates to follow.

It should also be made known that my mom did make the larger shawl pictured. When asked, she speculated the creation date to be around 1976; exact date/time will remain a mystery to us all.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hopelessly Devoted

No knitting to speak of; financial accounting is consuming my soul (of all things!). Trying to not think about the 30 some page portfolio I have due tomorrow, and instead looking forward to this Saturday when my brother will be marrying this lovely woman (yup, she's one of us!). Joel is my only sibling so this wedding will be extra special! For those curious, I will be a groomsmaid. Hilarious.

Bike update: bittersweet news again regarding my stolen bicycle. Saturday night The Artist called to tell me he actually found my bike. Unfortunately, he followed that with the news that he found it on the side of the road after it'd been absolutely manhandled. Sigh. Lessons learned:
  • People can be dumb.
  • Vandalism is real.
  • Buy a better lock.
Hopefully this inspires you to go and hug your bicycle and be weary of shady characters!

On the upside: let me introduce you to Sandra Dee: my mom's cruiser that she generously donated to my commuting cause-- Thanks mom!
"But blue Schwinn don't you see? There's just no getting over you...I'm hopelessly devoted to you..."

(fans of 'Grease' are hopefully smiling)

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Let me tell you, this week has been unbelievably hectic. I know I'm not alone in feeling this way, almost every person I know here is feeling the end of the year crunch. But guess WHAT? Despite everything I have going on all at once, I have a FO to show you! No second mitten syndrome for this gal, I count two!The second mitten went significantly faster than the first; that certainly was a pleasant surprise. I'm very happy to have them finished (just in time for 60 degree weather!).

Are any of you being drawn to that gorgeous pink peony in the back? You're in luck! My fabulous roommate, Jamie (pictured below), recently purchased a crepe paper peony set a la Martha Stewart. It was such a cool process to watch--the kits are highly recommended!

Lastly, I have a sad bit of news that has added to the stress of this past week. Do you remember when I said I knit the special side thumbs on my mittens in order to be conducive to biking? Apparently I spoke too soon...
Last week Thursday my [adorable] blue bike was stolen (we're talking the lock was smashed in pieces stolen) and I'm still mourning it's loss. I recently remembered these photos which were taken last fall for my friend Kevin's product line (he sews a fantastic line of messenger bags and accessories!). I wanted to share them with you in an attempt to help me grieve. Sigh. You will be missed bicycle, I hope we meet again.**Afterthought: I did knit the hat I'm wearing in the picture--it's my chevron newsie hat. I've never written the pattern for it, but it certainly wouldn't be that hard to do. Thoughts?**

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Okay Okay...

I suppose I owe you an actual blog post hmm?

First of all, thank you so much for all of the kind birthday wishes!--it certainly made my day that much happier! (Those of you who are interested: yes I had a fantastic time that night and yes I remember every bit of it!)

Here's a random factoid I wasn't aware of until recently: Did you know that you can purchase online gift certificates for Ebay? I was not aware! I found out when my wonderful friend Kyle generously gave me one for my birthday! The one requirement? It was for yarn purchases only. Well if you're going to twist my arm Kyle...

and look what he ended up getting me!2 skeins of gorgeous Malabrigo Kyle? What fantastic taste you have! What am I making with this gorgeous color? Only time will tell...

Moving on in knitting news, I opted to make myself a new pair of mittens after I was dubbed "a bad little kitten who'd lost my mittens," earlier this month. After it randomly (and I mean randomly) snowed 4 inches in one afternoon about a week ago, I decided that this replacement needed to happen sooner rather than later. Enter Mitered Mitts:These mittens really need no introduction, but for those who are interested, it's EZ's Mitered Mitts from Knitter's Almanac. This probably has to be the easiest mitten pattern ever. Since these mittens are going to be used while I'm commuting via bike, I opted to do the standard side thumb shown a la Grace Schnebly. These are such a quick knit my only excuse for not having them finished is that I've had my mind blown by college this past week. Here's the progress on the second one...I've just cleared the thumb which means nothing but clear skies and smooth sailing here on out!

Lastly, I've decided to start a secret project which I'm incredibly excited to begin. (Observant readers will note that this yarn originally debuted here). What on earth could I be doing with 2 skeins of Tahki Cotton Classic and one GIANT crocheted chain?? (*hint* the chain will be for a gigantic provisional cast on). Yikes! You won't be kept in the dark too long, more updates to follow in a more reasonable fashion!