Saturday, July 25, 2009

Eye Candy - Stash update

Hiya! I'm back in the states and ready to do some serious knitting. To help expedite the matter, I decided to get organized. Take a look at these bad boys!

Those are my most recently purchased stash all photographed and cataloged on Ravelry. As you can see, one of those photos made the cut as a new blog header; it's a handpainted, handspun yarn gifted by my wonderful sister-in-law (thank you Keri!). The change isn't too drastic, I just needed a little change of scenery to keep up with things around here--Whee!

That stash ought to keep me busy for a while, eh? More [actual] knitting updates to come soon (I promise).


  1. It always makes me so happy when I see a post from you. Have fun knitting with all that new yarn!

    Haha, my word verification was "missu"

  2. Welcome back! Love the new header!

  3. So glad to have you back in the county and it is an honor to be your header!

  4. so much exciting and gorgeous new yarn! i foresee lots of fun projects...

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  6. Love Love love this blog! It is SO good! Am going to link to it from mine. No one reads mine, so it may not mean anything that I link to it, but I'm doing it just the same! Oh, and jealous about Scotland!!!